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Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about how we work at Operation Organization.

How do you charge?

We charge by the hour. Organizing appointments are booked in 4-hour minimum sessions. We provide a detailed estimate prior to a project starting. For out of town/state projects, we charge a day-rate including travel.

  • Our organizing services start at $80/hour for one Professional Organizer.
  • Our Interior Styling & Design services start at $150/hour for one Interior Stylist.
  • Our 1-to-1 Clutter Coaching and Business Consulting services start at $125/hour.
  • Our Virtual services reflect the same pricing as above with no minimum session length.

For more information about pricing and estimates, give us a call here: 1 (800) 266-5135

Is your service confidential?

Yes. Before we begin with any client project, we sign a confidentiality agreement to ensure your privacy.
We understand that this can be a very personal matter in some cases. We want you to know that we hold our staff to the highest standards to ensure an excellent customer experience.
Additionally, all of our Team Members have passed a nation-wide background check and have signed internal policy documents to respect your privacy.

Does your fee include containers?

It does not include containers which is why we have an additional Professional Shopping service where we send a list of linked items we suggest to complete your project within your budget, if desired.

Do I have to work with my Organizer/Home Stylist the entire session?

​No. Our team is fully capable to work independently once you have spent time at the start of the session sorting and going over your vision with your Expert.

Do you install shelving and assemble furniture?

​Yes. We have an amazing team that can do everything from Elfa shelving to custom projects.

Will you take away donation and trash?

​Yes, as long we know ahead of time, our truck and dumpster service can be scheduled for your appointment.

How do I book an appointment with Katrina?

​Katrina is available for in-person, travel or remote consulting, interior styling, professional organizing and speaking engagements. You can view her calendar availability HERE.



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