Residential Services

Home Filing Systems: Enjoy a clutter-free home office equipped with an organized, color-coded paper flow system. Learn the difference between active and in-active files and when you can safely shred documents. Be prepared for taxes, medical emergencies and last minute travel.

Household Organization: Transition your home from havoc to harmony, having a logical place for every item. Experience how workable solutions for every area of the home, from seasonal closets to easily maintained playrooms, can improve the quality of daily life.

Garage: Use your garage for what it was originally intended for: your car! With your holiday boxes neatly labeled inside custom-built cabinets; and your sporting equipment ready for your next game, your garage can now be a multi-functional space, rather than a cemetery for questionable keepsakes. And if a home gym is more your style, our construction specialists will be happy to put together your state of the art elliptical trainer, complete with overhead TV installation.

Holiday prep and storage: Be stress-free at your next holiday party, and allow our team members to not only organize but help decorate your home before the big event. If extra hands are need to set-up and oversee event staff, let us manage while you host. Once the event has passed, arrange a date, and we will return to remove and store all decorations and entertainment items, neatly back in their place.

Relocation: Make your next move an enjoyable experience, and let OO do the dirty work. Our experienced team members come equipped with tape and sharpies, ready to relocate you, whether moving down the street or to a neighboring city.

Interior decorating: Functional and fashionable are two key words when it comes to a well kept home. In addition to organizing your belongings, Operation Organization staff is trained in personal shopping, whether for plastic containers, or a new wardrobe for added closet storage. Based on your personal style, we can custom build or research and order products that maintain organization and enhance visual appeal.

Donations and Dump Runs: Being a green organization, it is our primary goal to reduce waste, rather than make it. In addition to donating all unwanted goods, Operation Organization goes the extra mile to drive waste that would otherwise be discarded, to appropriate recycling facilities.