Our Approach

We’ve gone GREEN! Operation Organization is committed to implimenting environmentally responsible actions while bringing our clients the best possible service.

Operation Organization uses
Non-Toxic, biodegradable cleaning supplies at our office and on location
Recycled office paper and pens
100% post-consumer waste card stock for business marketing
Linseed oil printing ink on company business cards and stationary
Paperless client invoicing
Organic cotton T-shirts
2 gallons of water to wash company trucks
Recycled trash bags
Recycled paper towels
Recycled boxes for relocation services

We Practice and Promote

Recycling Household and Electronic Items
Donating Unwanted Items
Educating Clients on Waste Management
Being Environmentally Up To Date
Buying Local Whenever Possible

Global Goodness Links


and enter your zip code for what you can do in your local community.

Shoe recycle option 1 and Shoe recycle option 2
Recycle your shoes.

Swap your books and magazines.

Green interior designer and owner of Green and Greener, a Studio City, CA general store that exclusively carries environmentally conscious household products and more!

Green Drinks allows for anyone concerned about environmental issues to get together in their city over a drink.

Calculate your Carbone Footprint (your impact on the earth’s climate changes).