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"Katrina Teeple and the Operation Organization, Inc. staff are miracle workers. Anybody that knows me can attest to my pack rat mentality and lack of organizational skills. The crew came in and kicked me into gear. I have a relatively small room and way too much stuff.

They arranged and rearranged all my stuff and made some inexpensive decorative changes that transformed my room from small, dark, and cluttered, to spacious and pristine. They even convinced me to let go of most of the useless junk I had been hording for no good reason other than laziness.

Now, two months later, my files are organized and my room is immaculate. None of my friends or family can believe the change and I owe it all to Operation Organization, Inc."

– Hillary Welty
Speech Pathologist, Studio City, CA

– Kristy Swanson, Actress

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Operation Organization, Inc.
Sherman Oaks, CA
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